Work and play smarter, faster.

Jacque Aldridge Associates is a small, independent, training consultancy.  The company exists to help people to work more effectively, efficiently and to be happier. 

Because it is a small company, Jacque Aldridge Associates is nimble on the feet, flexible, and affordable. It has a proud tradition of work for the not-for-profit sector.

The company is able to carry out course development and delivery to the public and private sector; helping teams function more effectively; and mentoring senior people at the top level on a one-to-one basis.

This business was started nearly 30 years ago, and has grown in experience, skill and wisdom. 

Speed Reading:

This is a life-changing course which will help you to gain the skills to be on top of your job.

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Writing in Plain English - Learn to write clearly, and be faster at it. From the first moments you will learn valuable skills"

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Minutes and Meetings:

Minutes serve an important purpose in any meeting, and it helps to know meeting protocol and the meanings of those technical terms

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Myers Briggs:

Understand self, understand others. You can be much more effective when you understand where others are coming from.

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